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Interdenominational Church Ushers Association of Washington, DC & Vicinity Inc.
1923 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009

  President: George J. Irick
"The LORD is the strength of His people;
He is a stronghold of salvation for His anointed."
Psalms 28:8 [HCSB]
"Anointed Doorkeepers Making a Difference"




Bro. Raymond Leroy Gray, Sr., succeeded Sis. Hawkins. He was scholarly, articulate and an outstanding leader who led our organization with a firm and steady hand. Under his leadership, our organization continued to prosper. He also served as National Parliamentarian. The title of Honorary President of the ICUA of D.C. was bestowed upon Bro. Gray.

Sis Nettie V. Martin of Rock Creek Baptist Church was next in the presidential succession. She was an innovator of many successful programs. Sis Martin also had the distinction of being Honorary President of our organization. She was the Past Eastern Regional Director and Past National Second Vice President.

Sis. Mabel R. Milton of Israel Baptist Church succeeded Sis. Martin. She rose steadily through the ranks before becoming the Association’s third lady President. Sis. Martin is also an Honorary President of our organization.

Sis. Christine E. Ford of Mt Jezreel Baptist Church succeeded Sis Milton and became the Association’s fourth lady President. She had previously worked on many committees and held the position of Vice President in President Milton’s administration. Sis Ford was creative in honoring faithful and loyal ICUA members and was also an innovator of many successful programs. In 1994 she established the Building Fund Working Unit and the Unit continues to work. The title of Honorary President was bestowed on Sis. Ford after her tenure was completed.

Sis. Vivian V. Smith of Friendship Baptist Church succeeded Sis Ford as President. Among the many positions she held, Sis Smith served as Recording Secretary and Vice President in Sis. Ford’s administration. She has also served as the Recording Secretary for the National. She has been a loyal, hardworking, and diligent member of the association for many years.

Bro. Charles J. Brown of Hemingway Memorial A.M.E. Church succeeded Sis. Smith as President. Bro. Brown served as Vice President under Sis. Smith’s administration. Bro. Brown’s dedication, patience and perseverance along with a strong drive and desire for community involvement served as the cornerstone of his administration. President Brown’s theme was “Usher’s Empowered by the Holy Spirit” with scripture text based on Philippians 4:13. The title of Honorary President was bestowed on Bro. Brown after his tenure was completed.

Sis. Sarah A. Crawley of Walker Memorial Baptist Church succeeded Bro. Brown as President. Sis. Crawley served as Vice President under Bro. Brown’s administration. Sis. Crawley knows that God has blessed us to see another year with new mercies each day. With perseverance, enthusiasm and determination, many of our goals and activities were successful beyond our expectations; therefore we give god “TOTAL PRAISE” for all of our accomplishments. The title of Honorary President was bestowed on Sis. Crawley after her tenure was completed.

In January 2009 Bro. George J. Irick of Greater New Hope Baptist Church was officially installed as the President succeeding Sis Crawley. Bro. Irick served as Interim Vice-President as well Vice President to Sis. Crawley. Bro. Irick also serves as National Alumni Chairperson and has held numerous national and local positions.

As servants (Doorkeepers) of God, we must stay focused on His Word. This commitment is accomplished by many Sermons, Revivals, Prayer Breakfast, Memorial Services and Other Activities/Events supported by the ICUA at the local, regional and national levels.

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