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Interdenominational Church Ushers Association of Washington, DC & Vicinity Inc.
1923 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009

  President: George J. Irick
"The LORD is the strength of His people;
He is a stronghold of salvation for His anointed."
Psalms 28:8 [HCSB]
"Anointed Doorkeepers Making a Difference"





Prior to 1926, Mrs. Pricilla Burgess had a dream that the ICUA of D.C. needed an addition to their organization to include the young people. In December of 1926 her dream became a reality when she organized the Junior and Young People’s Department. During the early years Mrs. Mary Wright and Mrs. Amanda Collins assisted her. The department’s meetings were held once a month on Fridays at various churches, Garnett Patterson Junior High and Cardozo High Schools.

Down through the years, the young people have served their local, region and national departments with love, enthusiasm, dignity, unselfishness and pride. Some of those that have served as presidents have been:

+ Some who have served as Past Presidents

Wayland Ross (Mt. Moriah Baptist)
Charles Oliver (Twelfth Street Christian) currently our ICUA Father
Naomi Hood McKeathan (Third Baptist)
Calvin Jackson, Sr. (Friendship Baptist)
Frieda Alston (Bethlehem Baptist)
Willie Jenkins (Southern Baptist)
Earl Jefferson (St. Phillips Baptist)
Michael Thompson (Liberty Baptist)
Shirley Clark (Mt. Horeb Baptist)
Karen D Smith (Friendship Baptist)
Gregory Carey (John Wesley AME)
Derrick Lawson (Turner Memorial AME)
George Moment (Freedom Baptist)
Leon Huckaby (Ebenezer United Methodist)
Maria Wilkerson (Mt. Carmel Baptist)
Colleen Riddick (Mt. Bethel Baptist)
Sabrina Brown (Edgewood Baptist)
Devin Brown (Mt. Moriah Baptist)
Janelle Courtney (Friendship Baptist)
DeAngelo Green (Mt. Moriah Baptist)
Andrenee Stevens (Holy Comforter, St. Cyprian Roman Catholic Church)
Demitrious N. Brown (Mt. Moriah Baptist)
Malcolm J. Johnson, Jr., (Unity Baptist)
The current President is Malcolm Johnson, Jr. (Unity Baptist). This young man is an instructor in the Catherine E. Mills School of Ushering. He is dedicated, hardworking and has a vision for this department. His vision in 2007 was “Vision S.O.S. – Salvation, Outreach and Sacrifice.” And his vision for 2008 is A.S.A.P – Accepting Sacrifice As Power.

+ Some who have served as Supervisor

Sister Eliza Kiligo (Walker Memorial Baptist) a legend in her time, knowledge, experience and served for many years.
Sister Helen Curtis (First Baptist Randolph) was dedicated to the ICUA in many capacities; she shared her time, knowledge, experience and money for years. Sister Curtis was responsible for the Flower Garden Parade to be added to the Vicie Juran Pageant in the district and the national.
Sister Louise Nelson (Mt. Horeb Baptist) by having, showing and giving love. Sister Nelson guided the department to great heights of membership along with her mother, friend, nurse and counsel to all the juniors under her supervision. In the year 2002, the honorary title of Supervisor Emeritus was bestowed upon Sister Nelson.
Sis Gladys Perry (Edgewood Baptist) followed Sister Nelson, she served diligently and steadfast for several years until her tenure was up.
Sister Anna Harris (Friendship Baptist) served as an assistant for many years. Her dedication, loyalty, giving and sweet spirit was an inspiration to others.
Sister Gladys Crawley (Walker Memorial Baptist) served as supervisor from 1992-2000. Under Sister Crawley’s leadership, the department continued to grow and was successful in all areas of competition.
Sister Pansy Bradley-Cooper (Miles Memorial CME) followed Sister Crawley’s steps and was well prepared in the stewardship of ushering. Under her tenure the Junior Department had a successful 75th Anniversary at Martin Crosswinds Restaurant on February 24, 2002 honoring Supervisor Emeritus, Louise Nelson for her dedication to the Junior Department. Sister Bradley-Cooper community projects were also successful by encouraging the young people by donating their time and energy in gathering teddy bears, crayon, coloring books, uno cards, bicycles, strollers and clothing to Children Hospital and later to Howard University Pediatric and Child Care Department.
Sister Christine Gray (Greater Peoples Union Baptist) served as Supervisor from 2004-2007 carrying on the work started by the past supervisors. The summer of 2006 the Junior Department collected camping equipment for Howard University Hospital and Child Care Department to send under-privileged children to camp.
Sister Stacey A. Reaves (Unity Baptist) is the current Supervisor and will assist Mr. Johnson and the young people with carrying out his vision.
On the national level, the Junior and Young People of the District have always participated in the George T. Grier School of Ushering Competition and the Vice Juran Flower Pageant, where Mrs. Mary Oliver and Niary Vaughn Robinson won first prize. Among our juniors that have won scholarships in the Allan A. C. Griffith Education Department are: Alfreda Davis-Jones (Friendship Baptist), Shirley Homer (Florida Avenue Baptist), Marvin Ford (Friendship Baptist) and Nolan Williams (Mt. Carmel Baptist).
Our young people have gone on to become ministers, teachers, lawyers, specialists, secretaries, business managers and musical entertainers. They could not have accomplished so much, had it not been for the dedicated men and women who gave up their time, patience, money and love to help guide and direct them in the right paths of life.

You are invited to join us! Our meetings are held the 4th Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the I.C.U.A. Headquarters located at 1923 – 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC. It is a requirement that the individual must be a member of his/her Church Usher Board, between the ages of 8-21, and the Senior Board is a member of the I.C.U.A. Provisions are made for persons who are interested in membership who are non-members of a church usher board through an Associate Membership.

For additional information, you may call President Malcolm J. Johnson (202) 269-2778.