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Interdenominational Church Ushers Association of Washington, DC & Vicinity Inc.
1923 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009

  President: George J. Irick
"The LORD is the strength of His people;
He is a stronghold of salvation for His anointed."
Psalms 28:8 [HCSB]
"Anointed Doorkeepers Making a Difference"



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+ Budget & Finance

The Budget and Finance department has been established to protect the future of the ministry of Ushering through safe and effective budgeting and financial planning to increase revenue for the operations of the organization.

+ Education and Scholarships

+ Education

The Education Department has been established to provide effective and productive training to produce an ever-expanding corps of church ushers endowed with skills of the highest quality to serve whenever called upon. The Education Department has six working units:
Alfred E. Smith Scholarship
Allen A. C. Griffin Alumni
Arts & Crafts
Community Concerns
School of Ushering

+ Scholarships

Scholarships are available from the Allan A. C. Griffith Education Department .

+ Membership Services and Outreach

The Membership Services & Outreach ministry is organized to promote the growth of the ICUA membership and to develop programs to aid its' corps of ushers. Membership Services & Outreach has nine working units:
Club 500
Condolence Unit
Courtesy Committee
Flower Club
Hospitality Committee
Relief Unit
Ritual Team
Sick Unit
Special Projects

+ Ritualistic Service Request Guidelines

In The Event Of The Death Of An ICUA Usher:

Deceased Usher’s dues must be current and the usher was listed as an “Active, Associate or Honorary Member” on the existing I.C.U.A. Roster.

If the above criteria are met, the information below should be provided as soon as possible by the deceased usher’s president to:
Sister Druscilla Smalls at 202-678-2180. (If unable to reach Sister Smalls, contact President George Irick at 301-681-8378.

Information To Be Provided As Soon As Possible:
1. Complete name of the deceased usher.
2. Date, time and place requested for the ritual.
3. Date, time and place of funeral.

Dress Code For Wake And Funeral Services Is As Follows:
Wake/Ritual – All Ushers in uniform with badges covered in black or black ribbon over heart.
Funeral/Wake – Officers (present and past) attire will be Black Suits with white Blouse/Shirt.

All other Ushers in I.C.U.A. uniform (white uniforms with color of shoes according to the season of the year) unless the deceased is a National Officer, and then the National uniform will be worn (white uniform and white shoes, regardless of the season of the year).

+ Sermon Guidelines

Introduction of Worship Leader
Opening Selection
Selection – ICUA Chorus
Welcome Address
Response to Welcome
Selection – ICUA Chorus
Offering – ICUA Officers
Remarks– ICUA President
Host's Remarks
Introduction of Speaker
Invitation to Discipleship

+ Policy and Rules

Comprehension of the fundamental constitution of the governing body under the legislation and administration applied in it's management.

+ Young Adults

The Young Adult Department serves as the "bridge" between childhood and adulthood. In the Junior & Young Peoples Department, basic ushering, leadership and interpersonal skills are instilled in the minds of our youth. We represent the bridge that helps with the youth ushers' transition from childhood to becoming responsible adults. Our main goal is to educate our members and breakdown barriers of communication, rules and regulations, and parliamentary procedures of our organization, while promoting an atmosphere of Godliness and unity. We believe being a part of this "bridge" is a natural and necessary progression. Proper training is essential to the growth and maturity of an individual. Everyone has a place in the Young Adult Department. All members share talents, ideas and opportunities. In order for us to successfully transcend to the Senior Department, our talents must be recognized and utilized. We also promote spiritual growth. In order to stand against the wiles of the devil, we must put on God's whole armor to protect us. An organization built on anything but the power of God is sure to fail.
Read the history of the Young Adult department.

+Alma Cooper Hawkins Public Relations

The Alma Cooper Hawkins Public Relations department has been established to promote the ministry of Ushering through the dissemination of information regarding the programs, activities and services provided by the ICUA and it's member churches.

+ Usher Bulletins

The "Bulletin" is a comprehensive magazine of events and news from our association and our member churches. Please see your church's coordinator to obtain your copy.

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