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Happy Holy Holidays

The Christmas Season is upon us and there's always much to do.
As you make your lists of gifts to give, think about the things on this list:


  • To your friend - loyalty
  • To your enemy - forgiveness
  • To your boss - service
  • To a child - a good example
  • To your parents - gratitude and devotion
  • To your mate - love and faithfulness
  • To all men and women - love
  • To God - your life
These are the perfect gifts; you don't have to spend money, wonder how to wrap them, worry if they'll fit or be the right color. Most of all, they will make everyone who receives them very happy!

Some more gifts to add to the list are IOU (I owe you) cards:

  • An IOU for a car wash
  • An IOU for a house cleaning
  • An IOU to run errands

If you have suggestions, send them to the Lorraine's Corner.


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