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Good Tidings

This page is to your source of valuable information of inspiration and encouragement, with links to other Christian Sites and pertinent news.

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Religion Today: A look at the people, issues and events impacting Christians
Christianity Today Magazine
Christian News Service of Worthy News -- Your Daily Christian Magazine
Bridges for Peace - Your Israel Connection


e-Sword Home - the Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge.
Theophilos Bible Software
Get Bible Explorer! See pdf article about this software.
BibleDatabase - Bibles and Bible Study Software and Webmaster Tools.

Laridian - home of powerful and affordable Bible software for your Palm, iPod and mobile digital device.

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You can help find missing and/or exploited children by looking at these photos.
Also see The Polaris Project combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

* * *
Focus On Your Child The Essentials of a Healthy Home: Building Self-Esteem Through Affirmation.

* * *
The Passion of the Christ: Christ's Passion from the pubishers of 'Our Daily Bread'.

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We all need guidance to help us live our lives in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. There is guidance for loneliness, prayer, temptation, substance abuse, forgiveness, money and riches, friendship, more at Biblical Guidance.

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If you enjoy reading 'Our Daily Bread', you'll enjoy listening to Discover the Word.

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Renew America is Alan Keyes' grassroots headquarters. Its purpose is to faithfully and courageously advance the cause of our nation's Founders.

Read Violence in America is Shocking but not Surprising.

* * * educational ministry
Children's Stories for Adults
Les Csorba: Leadership 101

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Christian Computing Magazine - Applying Tomorrow's Technology to Today's Ministry.

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Explore 20 centuries of Church History at Christian History Institute.

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Seasonal and calendar wallpaper for your computer can be found at
Wallpaper for Christ
Wallpaper religious

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Do you or your friends think that Christians don't have humor? A Christian´s life is to be full of love, peace and joy (trials and tribulations are to be overcome). Share some joy and laughter with these Christian cartoons.

Click here to visit Solomon Road

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The Miracle Maker is a wonderful animated film for child and adult alike. It is a 'must see'.

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View the Jesus video with RealPlayer.

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Printable Booklets from the Urban Alternative/Tony Evans.

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Read the Daily Guidposts devotional.

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Read the life stories from Moments of Grace.

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Call on Geoff Moore, senior VP of security operations of the National Protection Agency, LLC for your security needs. (703) 684-3153.

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If you like extraordinary gifts for loved ones or for yourself, visit The site may not mention all of the gifts that are available just yet, but there are Bibles, Clergy robes and stoles, handerchiefs, and other excellent gifts for your Pastors and Ministers, All Occasion Cards, scarfs, Jewelry, hand made soaps, lotions, Howard University logo shirts, etc. Custom made items can be requested.
The creativity behind the work is God given talent you won't believe. You have to see for yourself!

* * *
If a loved one has gone on or you know someone who needs encouragement and comforting, I suggest a marvelous book: "I Understand that I Don't Understand!" by Terri Johnson-Linzy.

"...a dynamic and vivid look into the heart of a young Christian woman and wife, and how she copes with the loss of her husband, Tim, to cancer..." - Dr. David H. Brown

To be honest, everyone should read this book.

  • It will help strengthen your faith in God
  • It will build belief in the unbeliever
  • It will make you see God in a different light
  • A good laugh and a good cry is soothing to the soul
Les Brown, the motivational speaker, (yes, the one who was married to Gladys Knight) says-
"This emotional and spiritual testimony will change the way you see life and you will never be the same."

For more information visit Terri's web site Ancile Publications or send email to .

* * *
You have to visit A Christianís Web Ministry proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ by my brother in Christ, Charlie Martin. I get such inspiration from my visits there. If you don't know Jesus, it will inspire you to know Christ for yourself. If you know Christ, it will inspire you to have a deeper relationship with Him.

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Ecumenical and Denominational Links - the most definitive listing of links to Christian churches and denominations on the web.

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Custodial Worker's Resource

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Astronomy Picture of the Day; Archive
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Christian Learning Center
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