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Last night after hearing on the evening news that DC has the highest rate of STD's
I pondered how to address this disdain.
So here is something of what I think.
I hope it will make a difference before some families are attending an avoidable wake.

What's Up DC?

by Lorraine Williams  ©

Whatís up DC?
You with the highest rate of stdís Ė
Canít keep your pants up and your dresses down
Why canít you bring the std rate down to the ground?

Whatís up with that?
Donít believe in protective sex,
Shouldnít even be with each other bringing death
You wanna die Ė die by your self

What happened to living out your dream
Canít do it if you always sick and spreading your nasty germs
Soap and water canít wash away stdís
Canít produce healthy babies with sick and nasty sperm

Get tested if you know you gonna do the do
And donít even know who you doing it to
Get tested even if you know who you do
Just cause you know them doní mean you KNOW them

Whatís up DC?
You gonna change your nasty lowdown ways
Or infect the whole country because you refuse to seek cures
For there is medication for some of those germs

I strongly recommend being safe and sound in body and soul
That may put a hinge in your Ďdying to have funí
Commitment in marriage and abstinence in singleness
You deserve the best, so over sin become the victorious one

Whatís up DC?
Win or lose - - - victory or defeat - - - clean living or deception?
There's a choice to be made
What's it gonna be?

Go to the STD Diseases Guide to gather information.
If you have to see it to believe it go to [*** Not for children.]

What's Up DC? © Copyright
All Rights Reserved
Created 11/20/2009 L. Wms.