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by Veronica Cauley

Each and every day I see you
The bright sun, the green grass and the colorful flowers
Each and every night I see you
The shinning stars, the crystal clear moon and the little bugs flying

Each moment I breathe in fresh air, walk around and speak your name
And then the rain watering your grass and flowers to make them grow

And then the rain came in my life, sadness, loneliness
And then, when you touched me
I began to read your Word, speak of your love and then everything became new
The sun is brighter, the grass is greener, the flowers with colors
Smell oh so sweet

And when you touch me
The stars shine, the moon is clearer and the bugs seem to fly with their own lights at night
And when you touch me
I breathe with joy, walk with happiness and speak with love
And when you touch me

Jesus You save me!

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