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To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do!
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Dcember 1st, 2005
Thank You, heavenly Father God for all that You have done for us. You have showered Your grace and mercy upon us thus far and we thank You for that.

You do not owe us anything, not even the air to take our next breath, but You have sustained us. Take our humble praise offered to You and look upon our broken hearts as we offer ourselves to You.

Help us to listen to You and to treasure Your instructions. Tune our ears to wisdom so that we may concentrate on understanding. We cry out for insight and understanding. We search for them as you would for lost money or hidden treasure. Then we will understand what it means to fear the You, LORD, and we will gain knowledge of You for You grant wisdom! From Your mouth come knowledge and understanding. You grant a treasure of good sense to the godly. You are our shield, protecting those who walk with integrity. You guard the paths of justice and protect those who are faithful to You.

As we read Proverbs 2 help us and guide us in making our New Year's resolutions so that we will be in Your will.

So be it in Jesus' name!

September 3rd, 2005
Thank You, heavenly Father God for all that You do for us. You offer us eternal live with You through Your son, Christ Jesus. You show us how to live through Your Word found in the Holy Bible. You offer Your grace and mercy to us although we can do nothing to deserve it.

We thank you for the lives that have been spared in the disasters happening all over the earth - those caused by acts of nature as well as those caused by terrorists. We thank You for Your grace and mercy. We thank You for loving us so much that You sent Your Son to redeem us.

We thank You for all those who offer their support and assistance, and we ask You to bless them so that they may continue to be a blessing to others.

Help us to encourage the down trodden. Help us to teach others about Your love and the eternal life that You offer. Help us to convey the trust that must be placed in You, for we can do nothing on our own. We can accomplish all things through You!

So be it in Jesus' name!

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August 17th, 2005
Hi heavenly Father God. Thank You for all that You do and all that You will do in the lives of Your children.

Thank You for keeping my family and the others in the building on Buena Vista safe from harm and hurt even thought the building burned down Friday. Halleluyah!.

Thank You for Evangel Cathedral and all that is being offered there to prepare Your people. Thank You for giving Bishop Mears the vision and for giving the instructors the insight and the heart to be a blessing to others.

Thank You for caring for us all even though all of us do not care for you. Thank You for Your unmerited love, grace and mercy. There is nothing that we can do to repay You for Your kindness towards us.

I give You all praise, honor and glory for You, alone, are worthy of receiving it. You do not share Your glory with others and others do not deserve Your glory. You are Alpha and Omega. You prepared the way for us to be joined to You even though we are full of sin.
I love You so much!

June 7th, 2005
Praises and honor and glory to my heavenly Father God the Creator. He is awesome!

God is our refuge and our strength. He is an ever present Help in times of trouble.

For those of you who have not experienced the saving power of God - what are you waiting for? God is there to help us in our times of need, times of distress, and times of danger. Don't you know that He sends angels to watch over us. Things don't always go the way we want, but they can go a lot better when we have God watching over us!

People wonder why bad things happen - I wonder sometimes myself; but I know that the Bible says that we will have trials and tribulations. Every day is not going to be a bed of roses for the Christian who is following Christ Jesus. The Bible says that we should take up our cross and follow Him and that we should glory in our tribulations because they help us learn to endure and to develop strength of character .

May 21st was a turning point for me, hallelujah!!! "If it had not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be, where would I be." I like that song because it has meaning for me and the words should have meaning for you also. If it were not for the saving grace of God, where would any of us be? If Christ Jesus had decided that He wanted to do His own thing and not obey God, where would we be?

We also have to recognize when the Lord brings us out of our trials and tribulations and give Him praise. I thank you, Lord, for staying the hands of trouble that tried to beset my husband and myself. The enemy thought he had us hemmed in. Thank You for preparing a way of escape. Thank You for driving the car on the sidewalk. I give You all honor and glory.

February 18th, 2005
Praise be to Father God the Creator, for He is worthy of all glory and honor!

Uncle Jack went to be with the Lord last month. Sister Lillie Mae Mathews and Brother Kenneth Anderson have also gone on to be with the Lord. Continue to pray for my family, especially Aunt Emily and his daughter, Pat. Pray, also, for the Mathews and Anderson families.

Glory to God! Oh, how wonderful it is to know that your loved ones have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior and are saved by the grace of God. If you have loved ones who have not accepted the Lord, Christ Jesus, as their personal Lord and Savior, please pray for them. If you like, you can sign the prayer request form and I will add their names to our prayer list.

My brother, Johnny Jr. lost his friend, Wanda Burr and Sister Virginia's granddaughter's husband has also passed on, so keep Johnny and the Tucker family in your prayers as well.

The Bible lets us know that we were made from dust and to dust we will return. Our human bodies were not made to last. Our natural bodies groan to become the glorified bodies that God has promised to those who put their trust in Him and obey His commandments. You must repent of your evil ways and give your heart to Christ Jesus. We are all sinners, there are no exceptions (except Christ Jesus who was not born of man's seed, but of the Holy Spirit). We all are accountable to God for our actions. We have a choice - we can decide to follow God or we can remain the children of the deceiver.

You must make of your mind, tomorrow is not promised to any of us and tomorrow could be too late. Do you want to die in your sinful state? Do you want to go to hell to be tormented for eternity? The decision is yours.

January 1st, 2005
Happy New Year, God!

Thank You for keeping us for another year. Thank You for being our God. Thank You for Jesus the Christ and the free gift of salvation. Thank You , Lord Jesus, for dying in our place. Hallelujah!


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