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   Praise Reports 2002 Archive

To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do!
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December 22nd, 2002
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He is the healer, the Saviour, the one who comforts and keeps us day by day.
It's good to be communicating with you all again. I had been ill, in body and spirit, but now I'm healed, praise God. Hallelujah!!!
I say that I am healed because I'm believing that God will continue the healing process that he has begun in me, just as He continues to mold me into a better Christian.
Yes, some are healed immediately and some are healed later. Some even have to wait until they get to glory to be healed, but God does heal us! Every thing is done in His time, not ours.
If you are suffering with an illness that requires you to take medication, please take your medication until you get an okay from your doctor to stop taking it. Remember that Luke was a physician, so there must be a need for them. There is also a need for medication. Take yours properly and check with your doctor often. Some illnesses creep up on us.
If you are feeling overly tired, check it out. If your appetite or weight changes drastically, check it out. God wants up healthy to do His will. We often times abuse our bodies - we work long hours, don't exercise, don't eat healthy, worry about things that we have no control over, put stuff in our bodies that harm us, etc.
We have to remember that our bodies are temples - God's temples - we have to take care of them because we do not get another one in this life.
Some illnesses are brought on by things we have no control over, but there is a reason for everything. Some children who are born handicapped have the sweetest personalities - they are full of love. What is a person's excuse to be hateful when they have the use of their limbs.
We can't go around feeling sorry for ourselves, or being mad at God. Some good can come out of every situation.
Being ill, doctor's appointments, new medications, and missing work took a toll on me financially, plus our car was stolen - but I still have joy, God's joy. It doesn't depend on the situation, like being happy does. God's joy is there all of the time. I have joy in knowing that my soul is well with God, that He is my all in all.
Special Thank you's to my husband, Janice (my sister-in-law), Rose and Glenna - my sisters in Christ - who put up with me and my changes and helped me deal with the rough times, and to my Pastor for being caring and patient. We all need the support of our family and friends, in good times as well as bad. If your family is not available, for whatever reason, you should have a church family. Talk to your Pastor, or close Christian friend.
We all know that folks gossip, even Christians, even though the Bible definitely speaks against it. Talk to someone that you know who does not repeat stuff like a parrot. That's very important.
August 30th, 2002
Praise God for His many, many blessings! He is a healer, a deliverer,a comforter - everything we need Him to be.
July 27th, 2002
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He sits high and looks low and knows what's best for us.
He loves us and wants us to fellowship with Him. Have you tried communicating with Him? Talk to Him, He's a very good listener. Listen for His voice, He will guide you well.
June 27th, 2002
God is still on the throne and He is still in the healing business!
We can't beat God in giving, loving or patience. We have to continue to strive to be more like Christ each and every day!
Stop giving God a migraine headache. Grow up! Become spiritually mature. Babies don't remain as babies. They become toddlers, pre teens, and so on.
Study the Word so that you will know what to do in all circumstances. Gather together in praise and worship. Let God know how much you love and need Him.
No one is going to live forever in this life. Make up your mind where you want to spend eternity.
April 12th, 2002
God is still in the healing business!
I thank you, Lord, for what You have done. You answer prays. You are the Master Doctor. You are Jehovah Rophe!
Toni should be returning to work next week. Hallelujah!
Thank You, Lord, for keeping Marlena thus far. She is in your hands and I trust Your will. All blessings come from you. I pray for blessings for her as only You can deliver, in Jesus' name. Amen. Hallelujah!!!
March 13th, 2002
God is still on the throne!
Almost everyone in my office has had the cold bug that's been going around, but thank God, that everyone is still alive and able to tell about it.
This is a special month. This is the month of the Easter celebrations. Thank God for Jesus!
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying on the cross so that those who put their faith in You might have a right to be called heirs of the Father.
February 21st, 2002
Thank You, heavenly Father, for Your love, grace and mercy. Thank You for Your healing power. Thank You for Your comfort, peace and guidance. Where would we be if You were not on our side?
Thank You for salvation! Thank You for coming to earth as Christ Jesus to die for our sins, to be our sacrificial lamb.
Praise Your name all the earth!
Marvel at His greatness!
January 29th, 2002
All praises be unto God, my heavenly Father. He is a miracle worker and a way maker. He is the divine Jehovah Rophe! Where would we be without Him.
Glory unto His marvelous name.
January 4th, 2002
Praise God for allowing us to see another new year! He brought us through 2001 and into 2002. Hallelujah!!!
I pray that your resolutions for this year are good and acceptable to God. You know that what we do as Christians reflect how some folks look at God/Jesus. Do you show others that He is worthy of all praise?
I also pray that your actions have the approval of WWJD (What would Jesus do?).

I thank God that Christ Jesus was born and that He was obedient unto death on the cross so that we might be saved!


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Started March, 2001 in dedication of God's answer to prayers,