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   Praise Reports 2001 Archive

To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do!
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November 22th, 2001
God is so good!
Thank God for this Thanksgiving day. There is much love to be shared. This is a time to reflect on our blessings and be grateful!
September 20th, 2001
God is in control!
Thank God that the terrorist attacks [September 11th] were not worst. There could have been many, many more deaths. It is time to realize the blessings!
August 22th, 2001
Praise the Lord!!!
God bless Sister Helen Smith, our usher board guardian, for being such a wonderful person. She helped me tremendously during my first attendance of an ICUA Convention.
Thank the Lord for the ministers who are coming forth to work with us. Praise the Lord for He is worthy!!!
Thank the Lord for the renewing of Sister Johnson's body. Praise His mighty name!
The blood of Jesus is powerful ... By His stripes we are healed. Praise Jehovah Rophe. There's wonder working power in the blood. Remember the blood that was shed for you and me. The blood that was shed to make us free indeed. Hallelujah!
Could you take the suffering and humiliation that Jesus endured for the salvation of all? Can you take up your cross and follow Him?
When you don't know what to make of things, think of Jesus on that cross, beaten, spit upon, clothes torn off, with briars sticking in His head from the so called crown made by the jailers.
Can you see Him smile at you in spite of what He is feeling?
Can you see the Love in His eyes?
July 19th, 2001
God is still a miracle worker!!!
Our pastors and missionaries have returned from Haiti. Pastor Judy Fisher is now Bishop Fisher. The consecration ceremony was held there in Haiti with our ministers, sisters and brothers. Many miracles were wrought by God, in the name of Jesus!!! More info to come.

The ICUA/NCUAA Convention is next week and God will be in control! In Jesus' name, Hallelujah!!!
June 22nd, 2001
God is wonderful!!!
We are in the midst of our Pre Men's Day Week and God has been good and faithful. We have been ministered to. We continue to pray for our forthcoming services. We especially pray for the anointing of the speakers. May they deliver the Word that the Lord has given them for us. May the Holy Spirit take full control! May yokes and strongholds be broken and faith renewed, may prayers be answered, may there be great deliverance and souls saved! Bring a revival!!! In Jesus' name, amen.
May 29th, 2001
God is moving in His Power!!!
There was a young man on the subway last Friday who gave his testimony and then some to those who could hear. He reminded me of the prophets in the Old Testament. God told them to tell what He gave them to say and they did it, even though some were reluctant at first.
If we all were to tell someone about Jesus each and every day what a difference it would make!
Remember, if you are rejected that person is not rejecting you, he/she is rejecting the Son of God.
May 4th, 2001
Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! Sister Carol is home doing good. Deacon Tapps is gone to North Carolina to continue the work the Lord has called him to do.
Pastor Gladys Dates and the Ark of New Beginnings Ministries International has two newly ordained deacons and a minister to continue in the Lord's work.
April 16th, 2001
"Taura is doing OK, she is having some problems with her medication, it makes her feel out of sorts and she has a hard time trying to get back to her normal life. She is not back to work but has had physical therapy and is on antibiotics at home..a nurse comes three times a week to change her bandage and she has learned to do her injections so I have gone back to DC during the week to try to get back on track in school.
She had a set back this weekend and today I had to take her to the emergency room. But there is a positive note..they did a CAT scan and the radiologist sees significant change in the lesion, it is definitely smaller, they suspect that she was having a reaction to the penicillin, so they have discontinued it. She has to make an app't. to see the infectious disease specialist tomorrow and they scheduled her for a MRI tomorrow night.
There is no power like the POWER OF PRAYER, so again I ask you to continue to PRAY.
April 14th, 2001
Lonzie Hasty (Aunt Sis) is home and celebrated her 88th birthday!!!!
Sister Carol Stephens had a successful graft done on her leg. Halleluyah!!!
April 2nd, 2001
"Hello everyone,
I brought Taura home to her apt last night. They still do not know what the leason is on her brain, but they allowed her to come home. They sent her medication by courier to the house and a nurse came this morning to show me how to administer it intraveniously. She will be on two antibiotics for another three weeks and the anti-seizure medicine for 6 months.
We did this with prayer, there is no doubt in my mind.
My heart felt thanks go out to you all for your support and prayers, we have not won the war but we are winning it battle by battle. Taura sends her thanks and love to you, and of course I do too.
Keep on praying,"
Halleluyah, praise the Lord! God is good all of the time.
March 27th, 2001
"Just a few words, I came home to fix Taura a plate of food, so you can guess she's doing much better, she actually asked for food, and has already called me to see how soon I'll be back with it.
Taura started physical therapy today, her legs are sore from not being used in almost 7 weeks now. Our prayers are being answered, the mass has actually gotten a centimeter smaller.
Keep Praying,
I cannot thank you enough,"
Ain't God good!!! Give Him some praise.
March 25th, 2001
Sister Carrie Johnson was in church today looking as beautiful as ever. Praise the Lord!
March 22nd, 2001
Things are looking up for members of the Ballinger family. Praise the Lord!!! Continue to pray for deliverance and healing for family members.
Dr. Fisher's colleague is doing much better and is home. Praise the Lord!
Robert Henderson, Sr. is home and recovering nicely, praise the Lord!
Aunt Sis is continually praising the Lord in spite of!
Deacon Tapps is recovering from an accident and is at home.


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Started March, 2001 in dedication of God's answer to prayers,
especially for Robert S. Henderson, Sr.