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Janice Johnson Lilian Robinson Rev. Heigh
Delores Mathews Island Matthews Alice Hawkins
Nanora Thomas Vernon Johnson Pastor V. Evans
Rev. Henry Hutchins Lisa Jenkins The Hundleys
Toni & Jimmie Simmons Sarita Curtis & family The Lee family
The Henderson family The Anderson family The Williams family
Pray for all those sick among you, those who are hurting and confused, those who are care givers, the bereaved, and those who have caused or been part of a tragedy. Plant seeds of faith and hope into their lives!
Brother Milton Anderson and his missionary work in Central America which includes Costa Rica and Panama.

Pray for the deliverance and/or salvation of:

The Jones/Clinksdale families The Ballinger/Morris families The Austin/McGee families
The Foster family Robinson/Jenkins families The Page family


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To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do!
May 1st, 2009
Praise the Lord! Give Him the glory due His name.
We thank You, O God, that we are still among the living. We have lost loved ones - family, friends, even enemies (those with whom we just couldn't reach an agreement).

Some of those who have gone on have left gapping holes in our lives - spaces that we can't fill. Yet we will keep our hope in You because You are faithful and just. You don't do anything on a whim. There's a reason for every season.

We thank You, Lord, for the blessing of life and for the season of rest and transition for we know that there will come an eternal bliss. We will enter into Your presence like never before to inquire within Your temple and behold Your beauty.

If, per chance, there is someone reading this who does not know of the redeeming grace of Christ Jesus through His shed blood, I beseech/beg you to open your heart to Him. He cannot move in your life until you give Him full reign/control.You are an enemy of God until you make peace with Him and that can only be done through faith in Christ Jesus.

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