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Showers of Blessings Ministry

Mercy Outreach Ministry   Lorraine's Corner

Received from Dr. and Mrs. Lumala.

Dr. Lumala is Bishop of the Showers of Blessings Ministry in Uganda, Africa.

"Please here is the testmony we can share with you and convey it to the bretherens."

Newsletter - January 28th, 2004


Mrs Peninnah Lumala is the wife of pastor Dr. Lumala, a dental surgeon who was called to Ministry to understand the Super Natural Devine healing power and now engaged in developing a Christian hospital known as Compassion Faith Medical Center in Uganda.

You read in the issue of this magazine how Dr. Lumala was called to ministry and the vision of building a Christian hospital in Uganda. Now here is the testimony of how Godís charity began at home when the Super Natural Devine healing power was demonstrated on his wife. But even before that Dr. Lumala relates of the healing of a goiter when he prayed for his elder sister Ruth and then of a healing of a brain tumor that was to be operated from his cousin and it had disappeared when the surgeons re-examined him to start the operation.

Here is Mrs. Lumalaís testimony: -

Let me give you a testimony of how the Lord is showing his Devine healing power in our ministry- "Showers of Blessings Church and Africa Salvation Front out reach ministry international." My husband and I had gone for ministry work in U.S.A and the Lord opened doors for us to get free medical check up in Boston medical center. We got full medical check up and we were found with some high blood pressure and we got some medication for that. But then an x-ray and a mammogram was done and something abnormality was found: "early cancer" in my right breast. This required a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis so an appointment for it was made but on the appointed day the specialist to do it was nowhere to be found. Then another one was arranged but still the specialist was not there. To my surprise before all that arrangement for the appointment was made, I had a voice inside my heart that I was not going to be operated by any human hands but that the lord was going to heal me and that will be a testimony to the people.

Now as the night of 17th March 2003, when I was sleeping, I was weakened up by the presence of the Lord when I felt his special touch on my right breast. This was a very special moment, which is very difficult to describe in words. I felt a kind of operation inside my breast and it was comfortable, enjoyable and smooth with an audible light noise. The process continued on even when I woke up for another ten minutes and I kept calm until it ended. I was wondering what was happening and I heard the voice from the Lord, " I am operating your cancer and now you are healed. From now you will pray for people with cancer and other diseases and will be divinely healed for many of my people have been dying from cancer when I can heal them." At that very moment I turned on the bed to touch my husband but I couldnít find him, so I called out, " Dear, where are you?" He was down on the floor praying and it was now about 3.00 a.m. I told him what I had gone through. He also related how the spirit had awakened him to pray and had slipped down to the ground to get into prayers and didnít want to disturb my sleep. He told me that while praying he had seen a special vision of a lamp of jelly like material jumping out of my body. From that time we got to believe the Super Natural healing of my breast cancer that had taken place. I was freed from cancer. "Thank you Jesus."

Well, like Mary said when Gabriel visited her, I also say, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." I am ready to be used of Him and pray for people with cancer as the Lord commissioned me but I need your prayers and I am praying God to give me more anointing as I humble my self under his mighty hand.

Then on march 4th 2003, the lord opened a door for us to go to Washington D.C. we didnít know where we shall be staying but we prayed and when we got there a comfortable self contained place was offered to us free of charge. By the Grace of God the place was furnished using different people and we lacked nothing at all. My the lordís name be glorified Amen.

My husband was invited to participate in the Washington T.V. show by Rev. Edith Lassy and my husband compelled me to go with him. Now as we were entering the studio, sister Edith, embraced me and at that moment the power of God engulfed her and started speaking in tongue, for about 10 minutes. She got a message that I should also join the panel on the T.V. show. I had never been on T.V show and so I was reluctant but she told me that it was the Lordís wish, so I gave in and joined the panel. The T.V show was about Devine Healing Power and I was able to testify of my healing encounter so towards the end I was requested to pray for the viewers of the T.V to be healed. There was the presence of the power of God so the studio was almost a church fellowship. Then I under stood what the lord was demonstrating His promises. People later called sister Edith testifying of the power of God. Glory be to the Lord Almighty.

Then came 25th 03, when we visited SR Marguerite at her Tuesday Home call fellowship at Fredersburg Virginia here there was a lady who suffered from M/S ( massive Sclerosis ) and when she had of my testimony, she requested to be prayed for. We all gathered around her for a corporate prayer for her. Now when she went home she felt ok, so next morning she decided to go for a medical check up. To her surprise and to the doctors amazement the disease had receded dramatically, she had had a supernatural Devine healing, she was excited and when she prayed she heard the Lord telling her that the person who touched her on her right hand while praying is the one through whom the Lord used being her that Devine healing. So she called sister Marguerite to find out who was holding her right hand. So sister Marguerite repositioned us and found out that it was me, let the glory be to the Lord- He is no respecter of persons.

The Testimony in Uganda Now.

We inaugurated our Compassion Faith Medical center on October 5th 2003 and now we are temporarily operating in our double garage as seen in the scanned photos. Here people came and we pray for them special healings are recorded so far: -

One Moslem man called Jamil Kawesi came to us in August looking for brick making job, but had a problem of asthma, then one day he got an attack of asthma and we prayed for him and immediately got healed and now for six months he has not had any attack and is the one making our bricks and has now accepted Jesus.

The second one was of Mrs. Rebecca Tulyabikayo who was diagnosed with cancer of the leg with a sore on so we prayed for her and now she is completely healed and her photo is in there in pink long dress.

The third one is of Hussim Paul all usher in our church who has been healed of an inguinal hernia is also shown in the photo lying down and then also seated up. Glory be to Jehovah Roche. Amen.

The forth miracle was received by Hon. Manoa Mila, who had cancer of the prostate gland and was disturbed with frequent visits to the restrooms for urination-we prayed for him and is now feeling quite normal.

We are now busy making bricks 12,000  are already burnt and 30,000 are already for burning.  We need laboratory equipments, video cameras and computers to record the cases while assistance of voluntary workers are needed. Please pray for our programme.

Funds can now be sent through Western Union  to Kampala Uganda

Yours truly, Dr. and Mrs. Lamech S. Lumala