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By Veronica Cauley
Last night I dreamed that I was a rain drop
I was special - a rain drop!
My flight was from heaven
It was plain to me that I was not just a rain drop flying at a high speed
It was a need to be clear and clean
Oh yes, I am so graceful
This means, as you see, I was special - a rain drop!
I could feel that my trip was important
On my way down I could see clouds
I could feel the air all around me
I could smell that I was a fresh drop of rain
Yes, a rain drop!
As I landed on the ground I found out that, with other rain drops, I was not alone
I became something so important
Yes, one rain drop!
I am water to drink!
So don't think that you are not important
Every thing that God makes is for a good reason
As a rain drop I water the earth
You are God's creation, too, and you can water God's love with your praises
So please give God praises ...
Be a rain drop!

Copyright May 9th, 2001

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