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Full Gospel Church of the Lord's Missions International, Inc.


Consecration Celebration for Bishop Judy A. Fisher

The Full Gospel Church of the Lord's Missions International, Inc. is celebrating the consecration of Bishop Judy Ann Fisher. The service will be held Saturday, October 27th, 2001 at 4pm at the Michigan Park Christian Church, 1600 Taylor St. NE, Washington, DC.
Rev. Lillie Mae Heman-Ackah: chairperson.
This will also be a time for us to concentrate on MOM: Mercy Outreach Ministry.
You can partner with us in reaching out to minister to the needs of our sisters and brothers in Haiti by placing an ad in our very special souvenir book.
Projects you can contribute to are:
  • Educational Projects
    • $4.50 will finance tuition for a child for a year
    • $180.00 will finance a teacher's salary for a year
    • $100 will provide a year's worth of school supplies for 250 children
  • Building Projects - a church building serves multiple functions as a school, medical clinic and for worship
    • $5,000 is needed to complete the roof on one (1) church building
    • $25,000 is needed to build a new church building
    • $10,000 will finance a solar energy project that will provide electricity
AD size Contribution Project
Full page $1,000 or more Building
Half page $500 One year's salary for 2 teachers plus one year's tuition for 25 children
Quarter page $250 One year's tuition for 50 children
Business card $180 Teacher's salary for one year
$50 Patron list $50 One year's tuition for 10 children
$25 Patron list $25 One year's tuition for 5 children
Your ad may contain pictures or graphics but, in order to assure quality reproductions, it is recommended that they be in black and white. Your ad must be submitted in camera ready format in the dimensions (full page, half page, etc.) you select.

If you select the $50 or $25 Patron list, please send in your name or organization's name exactly as it should appear on the patron list.
You may make a contribution without placing an ad. You can specify which project you would like your contribution to be applied. You can choose from the Education Project, Building Project, Other (please specify), or Where needed most.
Make checks or money orders payable to MOM.

Full Gospel Church of the Lord's Missions Int'l, Inc.
3536 Minnesota Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20019
Donations are tax deductible
If you have any questions you may call 202-575-5433, 301-879-1748 or 202-583-2266 or send email to Rev. Heman-Ackah or Sister Williams .

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