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What is 2 + 4? Can you count from 1 to ten? Click to see How the Body Works!
'Women's History Month'

20th: Palm Sunday
25th: Good Friday
27th: Easter

Coloring Pages
Kid's Corner
More pages to color! Click to hear a song

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Jesus is the Bread of Life!Do you have the Fruit of the Spirit?
Annie's Weekly Memory Verse
Jesus Wants to Be Your Forever-Friend
Annie's Psalms for Each Day Down Gilead Lane
Read Keys for Kids Listen to Keys for Kids
Annie's Winter Page
Samuel Morris: African Missionary to America

The Game Closet - Click to enter!

Snowballers; Wonka's Holiday Treat games
Hungry Bob
Jigsaw Puzzle
Game Zone
Christian Children's Corner
"The Story of Jesus for Children"
Adventures of Jeremiah Jonah and the Big Fish
"The Day Jesus Told The Weather What to Do"
Chrisitan History Institute 4 Kids - real heroes for today's kids

Melani makes blankets for children and adults. She also does flower arrangements.

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