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Poem of a Sinner

by Tamala Nicole Walton (at age 17)

I'm going to pray to you
Just not right now
I would praise you
but I don't know how

I could talk about you
but what would I say
I would follow you
but are you sure you know the way

Lord, I would fight for you
but you have more power than I
I would sing for you but I can't
so I won't try

I would write a poem about you
but I don't know how to rhymn
I would stop and thank you
but I just don't have time

O, Lord, forgive me
for what I have done wrong
You should've and could've thrown me away
to hell where I belonged

But unlike, us you never
make a mistake or sin
So why don't I go
and try this again ...

I'm going to pray to you
As a matter of fact, right now
I'm going to praise you
because I now know how

I'm going to talk about you
because you've given me the words to say
I'm going to follow you
because you know the way ...

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This poetry is offered in Christian love.
Please give glory to God and give credit to the author if you use it for any purpose.
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